Prentiss County

Circuit Clerk's Office

Mike Kelley, Circuit Clerk

Telephone:  662-728-4611                                                                      Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  except on legal holidays


Contact Info:

Mike Kelley, Circuit Clerk 

Mailing:  P.O. Box 727

101-A North Main Street      Booneville, MS  38829

Phone: 662-728-4611

Fax: 662-728-2006

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Public Records

Request for Public Records 


Circuit Clerk's Policy Concerning Public Records


Duties of the Circuit Clerk

Court Calendar

  • The Circuit Court:  Serves as the Clerk, Keeps the court docket, Enters a complete record of the proceedings of each suit in the Circuit Court.  

  • Notifies citizens who have been selected to serve on jury duty, Prepares a list of jurors for attorneys.  Issues subpoenas, files all trial documents, receives verdicts of jurors and reads them in open court.

  • Issues Marriage licenses and keeps records of marriages.

  • Registers citizens to vote and has other duties in handling elections. 

  • Records the judgments to the judgment roll.
  • Records other types of licenses.

Applying for a Marriage License, 

Effective July 1, 2012


  • Valid ID for both, must be at least 21 years of age (birth certificate or driver's license) 

  • If under 21, a parent must sign or a court order may be required.

  • Filing fee of $21

  • Confirm any recent divorce is finalized by a signed order  


Locate in Prentiss County, Mississippi - Industrial Buildings and Sites with the LOIS database. 

The Grand Jury will convene 3 times per year as determined by the Court Administrator 


First Circuit Court of Mississippi  

First Judicial District Circuit Judges

  • Thomas J. Gardner, III

  • Paul Funderburk

  • Jim S. Pounds

  • James L. Roberts, Jr.

First Judicial District Court Terms begin

  • February

  • June

  • September 

Courtroom Rules:  No weapons; no food or drink; cell phones on silent or turned off.



Effective July 1, 2014

Marriage License - $21

Certified Copy of Marriage License - $15 if mailed

Clerk Civil Filing Fee - $163*

Hardship License Drug - $233*

Hardship License DUI - $213*

Garnishments or Judgment Debtor - $35 

Sheriff's Fees - Summons $35 each

Appeal Fee - $109

Criminal Implied Consent - $452.50

Other Felonies  - $434.50

Other Felonies (Drug) $509.50

Other Misdemeanor  - $275.75

Criminal Search Fee - $10 per name

Retire to Files - $144

Expungment (not 99-15-26) - $150

Renew Judgment - $35** Reinstated, see MS HB361


*Increased per MS HB484


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